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Women of MILF Island
“Twenty-five super-hot moms; 50 eighth grade boys. No rules.” This is how fictional network president Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) described his outrageous hit summer replacement series MILF Island to Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) on NBC’s 30 Rock. During the (bogus) reality show’s finale we witnessed hot blonde mom Heidi square off in Erection Cove against her rivals Debra and Deborah, only to be told by the jury of boys, “We no longer want to hit that. Get off MILF Island!” Heidi, defeated, removed her yellow bikini top, ceremoniously cast it into the campfire and left the island.
But what do teenage boys know? We didn’t see nearly enough of voluptuous, prematurely cast-off Heidi on TV, so we staged her own tropical Playboy pictorial. Heidi — actually 43-year-old New York actress Kim Sonoma — gladly dropped more than her bikini top for our cameras, and proved those horny eighth graders should have kept her around for another season of “sex, lies, puberty, betrayal and relay races” on MILF Island.

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